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Desperately Seeking…

So, I just posted a recipe, but I’m on a tear.  I’m seeking something from Chattanooga restaurants that we don’t have yet on any menu that I’ve seen.  It should look something like this:

Yeah, that’s a phone picture, so it’s not the best ever, but let me tell you what this is.  Waffle fries, covered with garlic bechamel sauce, then cheese, then slow-cooked pork and caramelized onions from The Avenue Pub in New Orleans.  It doesn’t even have to be this exactly.  It can be classic poutine.  It can be topped with beef.  What I’m getting at is this…we are in the south…we need fries with gravy and I have yet to see that in any restaurant, on any menu in Chattanooga.

I’m not alone in my quest for this yumminess!  There’s a call for meatless sauce on fries too.  This is it, Chattanooga.  Give us what we demand and we’ll show up…probably once a week…maybe for lunch, maybe for dinner…but we will purchase this dish.

Thank you and goodnight!


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  1. i have many fond memories of eating fries with gravy as a child way up north, sometimes even mixed with ketchup too(don’t judge until you try it)

    there’s just something fun about eating waffle fries too.

  2. If you find a place that serves them let me know!

  3. And FRY Sauce, Chattanooga needs a fry. Just like our own font, we need to create a fry sauce specific to our town. We need more than ketchup. And it should taste good on everything.


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