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Peer Pressure – Dessert Sushi to order


I was ordered to make dessert sushi under duress.  So, that’s what I did.  I was actually only ordered to make one type, but because it made the little gerbils in my brain start running faster, I ended up with three types. This one is going to be a little odd, because there aren’t any exact measurements except for the chocolate mousse.  A lot of it will depend on how the rice krispies are rolled out and how frisky you feel with filling, so instead of using an ingredients list, I’m going with a supplies list.

-Rice Krispies


-Non-stick butter flavored spray

-Wax paper


-Cream cheese


-A melted chocolate bar (I used Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate.)

-Strawberry fruit rolls

-Colored sugar sprinkles


1. My version of Sekisui’s dessert sushi – Rice krispie treats rolled up with a banana in the center, topped with chocolate mousse and a strawberry slice.

Roll the warm rice krispie treats out on a greased wax paper (I used Crisco butter spray).  Cut them into a rectangle and lay the banana on one of the wider ends and use the wax paper to roll it up and chill it for at least thirty minutes.

Whip a cup of heavy cream until it starts to foam, then beat in 1/2 cup of a melted Cadbury bar until the mixture is fluffy. Take the roll out and slice it, dollop a bit of mousse on the top of each one, and drop on a slice of strawberry.


2.  S’mores dessert sushi –

Roll out the rice krispies the same way and top one end with mini-marshmallows. I had to stick mine under the broiler to toast them because I haven’t gotten my torch for Christmas yet, but I would advise torching.  Brush with a tiny bit of melted chocolate bar, then use the buttered wax paper to roll them up and let them chill at least thirty minutes as well. After I took mine out, I sprinkled them with colored sugar for “roe”, as actual caviar would probably be disgusting.  Slice and drizzle with caramel sauce.


#3.  Strawberry dessert sushi-

This is my favorite, but by far the messiest.

Before you roll out your rice krispies, lay some sort of strawberry fruit rolls down, then roll out the rice krispies over the fruit rolls.  Cube cream cheese and strawberries on one end and roll it up, refrigerate.

I had no leftovers, and even the one year old said, “Mmmmmm.”


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