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Spicy plan.

I had a thought while I was trying to take a nap.  It woke me up, actually.  One of my goals for this blog is to give everybody a new understanding of how to use food and how to cook.  It’s sort of a simple process, it’s just figuring out where things go, really.

One of the things I used to do as a kid was sniff all the spices and herbs, then think of which food memory they inspired. Now, when I think of what I want something to taste like, I can think of what they all smell like, and which would fit into the recipe.

My plan is to do blog posts on different spices.  Not constantly of course, but just here and there.  Touch on country of origin, history, and uses. I’m a big geek like that.


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Trying my best to eventually make money with food, because it's what I love to do.

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